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"Every child is an artist...The secret is to how to remain one as an adult..." Picasso

I have often been asked if I could 'teach' a person to paint. I resisted for a long time as I have not had any formal lessons myself. During 2022 I have now successfully completed a Cert IV in Painting, Drawing and Visual Arts from Oxygen College in Geelong.  As the requests have been consistent, I am now confident enough in my own learned ability as an artist to able to offer some tutoring on artistic painting and pass on what I have learned during the

Cert IV course and after many years of being self taught.

I have recently completed building a specific Art Studio...not only for my own painting process but to also make any person wanting to be tutored feel confident and relaxed in their own abilities.

See below some of my first up students excellent works and some of my completed works from my Cert IV course.

Please contact me via the "CONTACT GAVart" link at the top of the page to register your interest in some tutoring.

Cert IV Painting module 1
Cert IV Painting Module 2
Cert IV Painting Module Composite Untitled
Cert IV Final Module (The Emperor Decides"
Cert IV Final Module 2 "Self Portrait"
Cert IV Drawing Module "The Old Mooring"
Georgia 1.jpg
Georgia 8.jpg
Moosh 6.jpg
Moosh 7.jpg
RLands 3.jpg
Tutorial Vikki.jpg
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